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Volunteer Opportunities with In-Deep

We are always looking for new volunteers, not only for the lunch club and monthly community dinners, children’s music therapy but also for help with fundraising and administration. We have a wide range of people working with us including students, people from local businesses, school children, older people and people with disabilities – all of whom have said what an enjoyable and worthwhile experience it has been. As a charity, we have found bringing the young, the elderly, and people from different backgrounds together, to be of enormous benefit to the community.


“We have such a laugh at every lunch club that volunteering is the highlight of my month!”– Julie
Always enjoyed my time as a volunteer, it’s helped me adjust my out look by learning the cooking, cleaning etc. God blessed me by being able to help out in the kitchens. Always glad to have played a part as a volunteer. It’s great to hear of others things happening.  All the best God Bless Mark.”
A blog from a recent volunteer on In-deep. https://www.totallymoney.com/blog/in-deep-community-taskforce/
  • A great opportunity to give back to your community by contributing as little as four hours per month
  • Develop friendships within the community both with volunteers and participants
  • Excellent activity to add to your CV


“Volunteering with In-Deep has been very beneficial in helping me to consider how Government policy affects people in the community and has given me a really helpful, alternative perspective.” – Home Office volunteer
  • If your company would like to sponsor what we do please get in touch with us. Your company logo would also be added to our literature
  • Opportunity for businesses to send an employee or group of employees for as little as four hours a month
  • Improve public PR by allowing the local community to experience first-hand the quality staff that your company employs

Sponsored Events

in-deep-10k-runners“I decided to run the London 10K for In-Deep to raise as much money as possible so they can continue providing really important services and support to members of the community, who rely on them to do so. It was worth every aching muscle!”– Carol
  • If you would like to raise money for In-Deep, one way of doing this is by putting on a sponsored event
  • Ideas can be cake sales, sponsored silences, non-uniform days for schools or in the workplace, or sponsored fun runs such as the British 10k London
  • To learn more about upcoming sponsored events or to find out about how to involve others in your sponsored event, please contact us