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Children’s Music Therapy

In-Deep offers group music therapy for children aged between 5-13 with special needs and disabilities. These music therapy sessions will take place on every 2nd Saturday morning of the month at In-Deep’s Grosvenor Hall Vincent Street venue in Victoria between 11am-12.30pm.

The sessions will be supported by a group of trained volunteers and are run by a qualified, experienced therapist.

Alongside the sessions, In-Deep will be providing parents a place where they can meet and share their experiences with other parents and carers; as many parents who care for a child with special needs and/or disabilities can often find themselves feeling isolated, overwhelmed and alone.


Music therapy has long been shown to help children communicate and help develop speech and further physical, emotional and mental development.

If your child has learning difficulties or disabilities just bring them along to one of our sessions all children will be welcomed and catered for. For more information contact Emma Chapman by using the email or by calling 07761263105 or 02078345204.

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