Christmas Hampers

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Christmas Hampers

Since the year 2000, In-Deep have been giving talks in schools across London about the work we do in the community and the value elderly people have in our society.

Those schools have been showing their support by donating their harvest collections to us which are then made up into hampers and given out to the elderly at Christmas time to make it that extra bit special for what can often be a lonely time for some.

Since then the scheme has grown and now churches, companies, government departments donate to the scheme. Last year we gave 400 hampers across the boroughs we work in.

If you would like to donate towards our Christmas hampers, please look at our Volunteer section.

Presents for the Elderly

The Christmas season can be a very lonely time for the elderly if their families live far away. To help we put on a Christmas Community Dinner with a visit from Santa, where everyone receives a Christmas present.

Christmas Carols

The work we have done with schools has led to a school choir of children coming down to sing carols for the elderly in Victoria every year. This provides a wonderful festive atmosphere.

It is always positive seeing young and old coming together as so much can be learnt and barriers can be broken down. It is also good to work more closely with the school who we have known for many years.